The Hope Stockport – Home of Fool Hardy Ales




Martin has worked in and around the pub trade for over 30 years, winning such accolades as Camra Pub of the Year 5 times at 3 different pubs, amongst other awards. In mid 2012 Martin decided it was the right stage in his career to buy his first pub knowing he wanted it to be a brewpub even though he’d never brewed in his own right before, not even homebrew! The time had come to accomplish for himself, what he has helped so many other pubs achieve. With this said and done he set about searching for his ideal pub, a few were in contention during the early part of the search, but one pub always stood out head and shoulders above the rest, with its iconic looks and brewery history, The Hope Inn. The ideology behind Fool Hardy Ales is simple, to produce excellent, saleable beer. After selling hundreds of varieties of cask ale over the years, Martin didn’t just want to emulate someone else’s beers, he wanted to produce quality, engaging beers in his own right. Martin also does all his own design work and has designed pump clips and logos for many other breweries over the years. During the first 12 months of trade we managed to gain many accolades and awards, we hope this is just the tip of the iceberg and strive for more in the coming years. Our aim: to produce cracking beer that sells itself, enough said!

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